The SLHTA Board of Directors is made up of a representative with responsibility for each of the following:


Karolin Troubetzkoy - President
Sanovnik Destang - Immediate Past President
John Mathurin - 1st Vice President
Erwin Louisy - 2nd Vice President
Cybelle Brown - Representative for Luxury Villas and Vacation Rentals
Winston Anderson - Representative for Large Hotels
Karolin Troubetzkoy - Representative for High-End Boutique Hotels
Cheryl Skeete - Representative for Small Properties (Small Hotels, Inns, Bed & Breakfast Establishments & Guesthouses
Orlando Satchell - Representative for Independent Restaurants & Food & Beverage Suppliers
John Mathurin - Representative for Airlines, Travel Consultants, Destination Management Companies and Wedding Service Providers
Corey Devaux - Representative for Ground Transportation & Cruise Sub-sectors and Tour Service Providers (Automobile Rentals, National Taxi Union, Tourism Taxis & Cruise related businesses)
Sean Devaux - Representative for the Yachting and Maritime subsector
Zilta Leslie - Representative for Utility Companies, Statutory Corporations and Financial Institutions
Richard Peterkin - Representative At Large for Banks, Professionals, Educational/Training Institutions & Other Allied Members
Tiffany Howard - Acting CEO, SLTA
Noorani Azeez - EVP
Gasper George - Representative For SLASPA

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