The SLHTA Board of Directors is made up of a representative with responsibility for each of the following:

SLHTA Board of Directors 2015-2017

Sanovnik Destang                 President

Daniel Belizaire                     1st Vice President

Erwin Louisy                         2nd Vice President

Mark Ozawa                           Representative for Luxury Villas and Vacation Rentals

Winston Anderson                Representative for Large Hotels

Ross Stevenson                     Representative for High-End Boutique Hotels

Cheryl Skeete                         Representative for Small Properties (Small Hotels, Inns, Bed & Breakfast Establishments & Guesthouses

Robert Skeete                        Representative for Independent Restaurants & Food & Beverage Suppliers

John Mathurin                       Representative for Airlines, Travel Consultants, Destination Management Companies and Wedding  Service Providers

Corey Devaux                        Representative for Ground Transportation & Cruise Sub-sectors and Tour Service Providers (Automobile Rentals, National Taxi Union, Tourism Taxis & Cruise related businesses)

Sean Devaux                          Representative for the Yachting and Maritime subsector

Roger Joseph                         Representative for Utility Companies, Statutory Corporations and Financial Institutions

Richard Peterkin                   Representative At Large for Banks, Professionals, Educational/Training Institutions & Other Allied Members

Keegan Cox                            Representative for Saint Lucia Air & Sea Ports Authority

Louis Lewis                            Director of Tourism

Noorani Azeez                       Chief Executive Officer


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