Programs and Workshops

Culinary Bootcamp with Florida International University

The SLHTA enters into discussion with Florida International University to undertake an FIU Certified Culinary Skills Boot Camp for 25 unemployed Secondary School Graduates.

The bootcamp which is being proposed for summer of 2014 and is expected to be facilitated by an FIU Culinary Skills Trainer and will provide participants with a World Class Certification […]

Customer Service Training for Police Officers

Over the past 2 years, the SLHTA has made consistent attempts to address matters related to safety and security in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.  One such intervention has been the establishment of a high level safety and security committee on which the Permanent Secretaries of the Ministry of  Home Affairs and National Security […]

The Art of Upselling

The Art of Upselling Workshop

The Saint Lucia and Tourism Association (SLHTA) conducted two rounds of training, one at the Palm Haven Hotel on Wednesday August 14th and Friday 29th November 2013.  The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Joseph Dubois under the theme “The Art of Up Selling” and was well attended with a total amount of […]

Inspirational Leadership Qualification

SLHTA is pleased to introduce to its members a program endorsed by the SLHTA and delivered by a leading training professional in our tourism industry.  We invite you to consider participating, particularly given the potential of the program to nurture Inspirational Leaders within your organization.  The information needed for your consideration is presented below. […]