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Zaika, The Taste

We are pleased to introduce “ZAIKA….The Taste” with a new perspective to fine dining.  “ZAIKA….The Taste” features authentic Indian cuisine, unveiling not only the traditional taste, but also the vibrant culture of India, half way around the world to your door step. We also offer you a tranquil setting of pool side dining at the Rodney Bay Marina.

We also have a fully stocked Poolside bar, BBQ and coming soon is Premium Bar-Bay-Que & Grill by the pool. Please note, the pool bar is an “ALL DAY 2-4-1” bar.


Mobile App: GoCaribGo

Contact Number: 1-758-459 2452

Available on: Face Book / Trip Adviser / Instagram / Google Page search as “Zaika…The Taste”

E-Mail : /

Type of Food: Indian and Popular around the globe (Italian / Chinese / Mexican / Continental)

Manager : Pradeep Mathur

Directors : Sachin Narhari / Ashok Vaswani

Telephone Number : 489 1529 / 487 5025

Location: Rodney Bay Marina




ELegance Cafe

Elegance Café located in Massade, Gros Islet is short walking distance from the Marina.

We offer Lunch and Dinner options that merges authentic Indian cuisine with an International healthy dining menu. Our Indian menu features some of the most popular and unique home style dishes from all over India. Each dish is prepared and presented in a special way to give a distinct mouth-watering taste and flavours. The international Menu includes steam baskets, simple salads with local organic produce, home style desserts including all natural ice creams.



Contact Number: 1- (758) 450-9864

E-Mail :

Type of Food: Indian and International


Location: Gros Islet





Matthews Restaurant

Manager: Mr. Matthew Chambers

Telephone Number: 1 758 712-1134

Location: Baywalk Rodney Bay

Email Address:



Big Chef Steakhouse

Big Chef Steakhouse in Rodney Bay Village is bursting at the seams every night with St. Lucians from all walks of life, who want nothing more than excellent food and efficient, friendly service in a relaxed but chic setting. It is the top tip on the tourist trail, and the mixed clientele makes for a busy but relaxed atmosphere every night of the week.

Manager: Mrs. Rosemary Joinville

Telephone Number: 1 758 485-7189/450-0210

Fax Number: 1 758 452-9965

Location: P.O.Box MF 7179 Castries , Rodney Bay Gros Islet

Email Address:





Pat Bowden, a restaurateur in St Lucia for the past 35 years opened Buzz in January 2000. Pat has previously owned the Hurricane Hole Hotel in Marigot Bay; Pat’s Pub in Rodney Bay; San Antoine on The Morne; The Bistro and The Burger Park.

Manager: Mrs. Pat Bowden

Telephone Number: 1 758 458-0450

Fax Number: 1 758 458-0451

Location: P. O. Box RB 2584, Rodney Bay, Gros Islet.

Email Address:





Cafe Ole

This European style coffee shop commands a picturesque view of Rodney Bay Marina. Café Ole is a friendly place full of the aroma of roasted coffee beans and freshly baked bread. Delicious toasted sandwiches and great tasting soups and salads are served all day. Coffee is made fresh and to heavenly perfection and is complimented by buttery French pastries and decadent desserts.

Manager: Mr. Charlie/Ben Gillmor

Telephone: 1 758 518-2211 /1 758  720-3787

Location: P.O.Box 2660, Rodney Bay

Email Address: /




Caribbean Pirates Ltd.

Manager: Mr. Robert Skeete

Telephone Number: 1 758 452-2543 / 1 758 714-6647

Location: P. O. Box 2026, Gros Islet

Email Address:




Charthouse Restaurant

The Charthouse is one of the longest established restaurants on the island. It has always maintained its reputation for excellent food, combined with impeccable, friendly service with staff virtually unchanged since its inception 22 years ago.  Gentle trade winds blowing in off Rodney Bay keep this open-air restaurant cool and comfortable. Though they offer impeccably fresh local seafood and lobster, the real reason to visit The Charthouse is beef.

Manager: Ms Indira Ashworth

Location: P. O. Box 144, Castries, St. Lucia

Contact: 1 – 758 – 452 – 8115





Chef Xavier Restaurant & Wine Bar

Manager: Mr. Xavier Ribot/ Mr. Bruno Gallow

Telephone Number: 1 758 720-5672/1 758 458-2433

Fax Number: 1 758 453-6776

Location: P.O.Box 412 Castries

Email Address: /




Coal Pot Restaurant

In the 1966 Bob and his wife built the Coal Pot Restaurant on his stepfather land. The Coal Pot has been a family business from then and has been protected by a very large canon found in the bottom of the marina and now located on the outside patio.

Manager: Mr. Xavier Ribot/ Mr. Bruno Gallow

Telephone Number: 1 758 720-5672/1 758 458-2433

Fax Number: 1 758 453-6776

Location: P.O.Box 412 Castries

Email Address: / /




Delirius Ltd.

Delirius is a brand new concept in St. Lucia, combing a chic and temporary cocktail bar and fine dining restaurant with a well stocked delicatessen.  With a wide range of signature cocktails, a menu that changes daily yacht and villa provisioning, we offer our customer and experience like no other.

Manager: Mr. Duncan Ince

Location: P.O. Box 144, Rodney Bay, Gros Islet, St. Lucia

Contact: 1 – 758 – 451 – 3354





Eurobbean Foods/The Edge Restaurant & Fire Grill

The latest fine dining restaurant in St. Lucia, already known as the best restaurant on the island after two years of existence.  It is Caribbean Chef of the Year 2003 Bobo Bergström who has taken the step from Windjammer Landing Hotel to open a restaurant for his unique EUROBBEAN fusion. He has earned fame in the whole of the Caribbean for his cooking style: Flavors, presentation and attention to details.

Manager: Chef Bobo Bergstrom

Location: Harmony Suites Hotel, rodney bay Village, St. Lucia

Contact: 1 – 758 – 450 – 3343

Location: Harmony Suites Hotel, rodney bay Village, St. Lucia

Email: /

Website: /



Jacques Waterfront Dining

We offer a large waterfront deck with unrivaled views over the Marina for breezy al fresco dining, as well as a private dining room upstairs, with a balcony and dance floor. This area is ideal for small to midsized groups and also benefits from the lovely sea breeze and same great views over the marina.

Manager: Ms. Cathrine Rioux

Telephone Number: 1 758 458-1900

Location: P.O.Box RB2534 Rodney Bay

Email Address:




La Terrasse Inn & Restaurant

If you are looking for a cosy atmosphere and fine dining in a beautiful tropical garden do not miss La Terrasse, a pleasant and casual French Restaurant in Rodney Bay Village. Focused on fresh ingredients, great flavors and professional service, La Terrasse offers you excellent dishes, all made from scratch from starters to the “soon famous” desserts prepared by the talented young French Chef Thomas!

Manager: Mr. Thomas & Mrs Ebbesen

Telephone: 1 758 572-0389 / 1 758 721-0389

Location: P.O. Box RB2657  Rodney Bay

Email Address:




Orlando Logo for Restaurant

Orlando’s Restaurant

Manager: Mr. Orlando Satchell

Telephone Number: 1 758 572-6613/1 758 722-6265

Location: Soufriere Post Office

Email Address:




Rainforest Hideaway Ltd.

Rainforest Hideaway, established in 2004, is a family owned restaurant which has been listed by TripAdvisor as the number one restaurant in Marigot Bay since its opening. Just a short ferry ride across the calm waters of Marigot‘s inner bay, the restaurant is actually built out over the water –- providing a romantic setting for enjoying our European/Caribbean fusion menu – or a glass of champagne in the bar watching the fish dance with the underwater lights in the lagoon.

Manager: Mr. John Verity

Telephone Number: 1 758 458-3188

Fax Number: 1 758 451-4872

Location: P.O.Box CP5437 Castries

Email Address:




Razmataz Restaurant

Razmataz is a real Eastern restaurant serving traditional Tandoori Cuisine. Set in a patio garden with tables set along a covered veranda. East Indian furnishings and décor give it an authentic atmosphere. Susan Wright established Razmataz Restaurant in 1994 and has since ensured that you will be well taken care of by her team of friendly staff.

Manager: Ms. Susan Wright

Telephone Number: 1 758 452-9800

Fax Number: 1 758 452-9800

Location: P.O.Box  RB2251 Rodney Bay

Email Address:




Spice of India

Spice of India is truly a sophisticated Indian restaurant situated in the heart of Rodney Bay. With over 20 years in the industry, chef Adil has travelled across the Atlantic Ocean creating scintillating dishes to satisfy the palates of eager patrons throughout the Caribbean. Along with his Sous chef, Chef Adil celebrates his love of cooking by bringing a modern flair to the ancient, traditional Indian Tandoor technique of cooking to St. Lucia.

Manager: Mr Adil Sherwani

Location: P.O. Box RB2621, Baywalk Mall, Rodney Bay

Contact: 1 – 758 – 458 – 4243





Spinnakers Saint Lucia Ltd.

Manager: Linfus Mederick

Telephone Number: 1 758 452-8491

Fax Number: 1 758 458-0301

Location: P.O.Box 1192, Rodney Bay St Lucia

Email Address:





The Balcony Restaurant & Bar

Manager: Mr. Gregory Hippolyte

Telephone Number: 1 758 458-3663 / 1 758 720-0956

Location: P. O. Box 126, Castries

Email Address:



The Bread Basket

Manager: Nicholas & Carmen Taylor

Telephone Number: 1 758 452-0647 /1 758 718-3303

Location: P.O. Box RB2615 Rodney Bay

Email Address:



Gate of India        

GATE OF INDIA Restaurant offers a unique dining experience, serving innovative Indian cuisine in an elegant and stylish setting, situated in GROS ISLET,the heart of SAINT LUCIA. GATE OF INDIA Restaurant provides a classic combination of indisputable knowledge, unique experience and traditional values that carry worldwide recognition.

Manager: Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed Shams

Telephone Number: 1 758 450-1786

Location: Dauphin & Marina Street Corner, Gros Islet

Email Address: