The Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA) prides itself as one of the few Associations offering its members the most benefits throughout the Caribbean Region, and Human Resource Development remains a top priority. The SLHTA focuses on education to improve the quality of service and lives of St. Lucians. In an industry which is constantly changing, it is important to remain abreast with current and upcoming trends, hence such a huge focus on Human Resource Development.

As the premier private sector tourism organization in St. Lucia, we believe that a well trained and knowledgeable staff is as important as the visitors coming to the island. Although training presents a unique opportunity to expand the knowledge and skills of all employees, many employers find these opportunities expensive. Therefore, SLHTA has partnered with the numerous educational institutions offering specialized courses for the industry. Through these collaborations, SLHTA is able to offer discounts for business and individual members. Despite the potential drawbacks, training and development provide both the company as a whole and the individual employees with benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment.

Why is Training and Development important? SLHTA believes that it will address the following:
  • Improvement in Employee Performance
  • Addressing Weaknesses
  • Consistency in Quality of Service
  • Knowledge of Industry Trends
  • Confidence of  Employees

SLHTA’s Hospitality Apprenticeship Programme for Youth

The Hospitality Apprenticeship Programme for Youth (HAPY) is an initiative by the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association Inc. which targets unemployed youth between the ages of 18-35 years with a keen interest in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry in Saint Lucia…READ MORE

School Outreach Initiatives & Competitions

In 2012, the SLHTA launched a new initiative called the ‘Chefs in Schools Programme’ aimed at educating students on the Culinary Arts industry…READ MORE

Training & Development Workshops and Programmes…Read More